MCS+ Post & Image Submission System is now fully operational (maybe)

I’m 90% done with writing out my own submission system. Here’s what works:

  1. Submitting Single Images without a post
  2. Submitting Single Images with a post
  3. Submitting Post with no images (youtube, youporn, etc)
  4. Submitting Multiple Images without a post
  5. Submitting Multiple Images with a post

Issues I’m aware of:

  1. Submitting images in Russian or Chinese will end horribly for everything and everyone involved
  2. Ducks
  3. there’s a ‘gallery’ shortcode added to all posts, irregardless of the intent of the post.  I’ll fix that down the road when I have the emotional energy
  4. the posts that are going to stay on MCS+ are not easily identifiable or filtered from the ‘pending’ queue.  I’d like to change that so everyone can comment as they desire, but again, when I’m emotionally stable enough to handle the stress.
  5. Those fucking DUCKS.

Have you tried it out?  Seen any problems with it? Pls stop submitting so many ducks.

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    What happens to images without a post ?


    the “Add Content” button on the upper left of the window doesn’t work: i get a page that says…

    weird… one time i got a page that said “You are not allowed to access that page”, but every other time since then it has allowed me access…

    weird… 8/


    also, i posted a duck with chinese and it came out exactly as advertised, but on… if it doesn’t go into the queue, then i must be doing something wrong.

    lets try arabic ducks


    الله أكبر بطة