nice try, shithead


President Pissbaby tries his Idiot’s Guide To Being An Alpha handshake-jerk, and wee Justin just fucking doesn’t let it happen.

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    boy, you people have such a hard-on for him….you INVENT ways to shit on him. Nothing to see here….move along.

    tiki god

    not sure if you’re serious or not, but DJT appears to not know how to shake hands:

    Additionally, if you find yourself about to shake hands with him, here’s some suggestions:

    The handshake in the gif is notable from another angle, as you can see that DJT is trying his normal jerking hand shake, but the canadian is on to him and has braced both DJT’s arm, but also set his feet so that he wouldn’t be thrown off balance if the arm lock failed.


    No invention.
    He shakes hand like guy with a huge inferiority complex who wants to pretend he’s big league.
    Pretty much like he does everything else.
    Trophy Wives, interior decorating, hair plugs, fake tan, pretending he’s a billionaire…