The BFG review

61CIvaC9j8L The BFG

Disney presents a Roald Dahl classic directed by Steven Spielberg. When a young girl crosses paths with a mysterious Giant, she’s launched on an adventure filled with magic, wonder and unexpected friendship in this imaginative tale.

For many of us that grew up playing video games, BFG means something significantly different than what The BFG is referencing. I wasn’t familiar with the novel this movie is sourced from (“The Big Friendly Giant“). The story is pretty nonsensical, but in a certain light makes a small amount of sense. The animation was impressive, just on the right side of the uncanny valley. Happy to have watched it with my wife, she had read the book during her formative years, so it was good to get someone’s opinion that had high expectations. (she liked it too!)

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    Now I finally know what this title stands for. I didn’t think it could be the old meaning.