Self/Less review

91XjhVJFTXL. SL1500  726x1024 Self/Less

A billionaire (Ben Kingsley) undergoes a procedure that transfers his consciousness into young man’s body (Ryan Reynolds) and uncovers a conspiracy with the body’s origin.

For a movie that seemed to drop off the radar rather quickly, this turned out to be an entertaining ride. Perhaps no one was ready for yet another ‘Ryan Reynolds in someone else’s body‘ films? Unlike The Change-Up, Self/Less takes a pretty hard science fiction view on the matter. Good action, good acting (Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong!) and just long enough to not overstay it’s welcome.  It’s good to be reminded too that Ben Kingsley is an amazing actor, especially after Iron Man 3 left such a bad taste in my mouth, primarily due to his character.

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    Thank you.