The Creator Of the Confederate flag, in his own words

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    A Democratic

    tiki god

    a democratic what?


    You do realize that was a century and a half ago…?

    And that issues and party policies (of both major parties) have changed significantly since…?



    No, he doesn’t. That would require paying attention in history class. He’s never heard of the Southern Strategy. But we all know which side of the Civil War modern Republicans would be on. (HINT: not the good side)


    Poor Republicans.
    They have to go back a century and half to find the last example when their guy held the high ground….


    I don’t know why, but that scene, from “Romper Stomper”, with fondling swastika flag, while fucking, comes to mind…


    Sigh. People REALLY need to learn the difference between the 3 real flags of the confederacy and the fuckin naval jack.
    That flag in the background? thats the naval jack flown ONLY during combat and ONLY on boats.
    People need to stop getting their history from watching the “Dukes of Hazzard”

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