Jamiroquai – Automaton

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    So Tiki, what’s with my YT posts ?

    tiki god

    all pending posts are still pending because I totally fucked up some code. I need more time to fix it, likely sometime after february 10th


    Current year ?
    How about non-video posts ?

    tiki god

    yeah, I’m off for a week from my day job in february, so I’m going to dig up a stump, work on mcs, dig up a concrete post in my back yard, work on mcs some more, then play some Division. until then though, I don’t have the time/energy to deal with it.

    Additionally I’m finding so much content on my own right now, the submitted stuff can safely wait. It sucks though, so it’s high on my priority list (which no joke has about 400 items on it right now)


    Nice track and video but that’s not how you pronounce ‘automaton.’