Obama v Trump crowds

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    maaan, this is bullshit does this look like “empty” to you? edition.cnn.com/interactive/2017/01/politics/trump-inauguration-gigapixel/ I am only guessing here, but I don’t think that particular news agency would be prone to help DT by posting a near perfect photoshop there… and yes, Obama drew a bigger crowd, but so what. Do not get me wrong here, I wouldn’t trust Trump with a SuperSoaker, much less would want him in any position of power….but alas, here we are. Since he is not in power in the country that I live in, I am able to laugh (since his election) about the fact, that… Read more »


    Looks like the same picture to me. The low angle of the cnn photo doesn’t show the back few sections/areas too well.
    Still a lot of people there like you said.

    tiki god

    sure there were ‘a lot’ of people there, but your picture and comment are the bullshit ones. The picture is just the front rows of the inauguration, which is always full, no matter what the situation, president or weather. It’s the rest of the viewing areas that are empty as fuck and no one is standing in. it’s off to the side of the image you posted.


    Looks like the hi-res pick just backs up the first one.
    The first section is full….and it gets less and less full as you go back.
    Much, much less than Obama’s inauguration.

    Why can’t Trump deal with it?
    Is he really that pathetic and insecure that a smaller crowd drives him nuts…?


    with all respect I think your wrong. (sarcasm off).



    trump for whites


    Maybe Trump supporters had to be at work?

    tiki god

    gotta get back to the coal mines that he’s re-opening just for them.


    It’s already been PROVEN the image was doctored by the left wing media of haters.FAKE NEWS!

    tiki god

    Yes, the national park service and NPR, true bastions of left wing media hate.

    who did the proving? anyone?