Racist Shirt

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    You (the poster of this pic) seem to be unclear as to what the definition of racist is.

    tiki god

    there’s a thing up there that says who the OP is.


    How is this racist? You SJW’s are lamest pieces of dung this country has produced to date…..

    tiki god

    you don’t see how impossibly defensive the shirt is?

    you don’t wonder why someone would be so defensive about being called a racist?


    Going agree that this shirt is racist, simply because it lacks a qualifier. If you replace “BLACKS” with any race, the shirt is racist. Now, you add “Some” to the beginning of that shirt and add any race and you lose a bit of that racist declaration, but probably not the intent. Also, let’s tone done on the overuse of capitalization there buddy. You only need one exclamation point at the end of your sentence as well. Using more of them doesn’t make your sentence more emphatic, it proves to the rest of us you have no idea how to… Read more »


    Racism is more than just racial discrimination on an individual level. It’s a system of discrimination where an entire society targets people of a particular race. There is a reason why many cities have highway overpasses cutting through black neighborhoods and not white neighborhoods.

    White people discriminating against blacks is more harmful than black people discriminating against whites because the white people have an entire system in place that backs up their racism.