Passengers review

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in an adventure about two passengers traveling to a new planet when their spaceship malfunctions.

Watched this with my wife last night, we’re starting to take advantage of AT&T’s free ticket tuesday program, which is working out pretty well. They’re not opening week movies, but are great for movies like Passengers where you’re not really going because it’s a big even like Captain America: Civil War (or Ant-Man!). The story in Passengers is good, if you’ve seen any of the trailers, you already know all the broad strokes. They’re both passengers on a 130 year voyage to another planet and wake up early. Like Pandorum, but instead of face eating monsters you have a funny robot bar tender and two of the hottest actors in Hollywood making goopy eyes at each other and having lots and lots of sexy time.

A side note, this is the first movie I’ve seen with the latest version of the “thank you for not pirating this film”. While there’s been a few versions of this message that were downright insulting, this version made it clear that they’re happy to have you in the theater watching the movie instead of watching it at home. This is where I should mention there was a total of three people in the theater when we watched it.

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