Bernie Vs Rand Paul

Guess all those doctors in the UK and Canada are slaves?

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    i am so glad obamacare is almost over
    no longer having to take doctors families hostages


    After that response I hope Sanders called for Paul to be drug tested cos that was some insane shit!

    Old Tofu

    taking stupid to all new levels


    We ain’t seen nothing yet. We’re about to be buried in the biggest avalanche of stupid that ever existed, by people that have all the power they need to bury us in it.


    The right to healthcare is equal to slavery?

    Republicans are such drama queens.


    The look on that girl face is priceless 😀


    That’s about the most astonishing misrepresentation of the situation I think I’ve ever heard in the whole healthcare debate anywhere. Universal healthcare is practiced in almost every other developed country in the world in one form or another under different names. There’s no signs of slavery so far in my experience, eh.


    But it does explain the USA voting system – if people were to vote (for president) directly, government would have to pay them, or it would be slavery.


    Universal healthcare does not equate to slavery. Signed: Canada.


    Universal healthcare isn’t exclusive to Canada.
    Signed: the rest of non-retarded world.

    Also – sarcasm.


    Well, it’s not like Rand Paul has the truth on his side…