In the Name of Humanity

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    So what you’re basically saying is stop free and democratic elections within the United States. Okay, got it. You people are idiots.

    Thank the gods I’m Canadian!


    At least your PM isn’t a fascist.


    At most, accept fascist America _back_.
    “Back”, because it “was there” before.
    “At most”, because if cops “favorite pastime”, is shooting black people in their backs, it looks like it’s still there.

    Old Tofu

    if you don’t realize that corporations have run this country for a long long time. capitalism is the excuse fascism uses to spread it wings. with corporate america we have legally bound entity that is required to screw people over repeatedly if it makes money doing so. until this is stopped we’re forever screwed.


    Alt-Left fascists planning on using violence to disrupt the results of a democratic election. Okay then.


    Peaceful resistance = violence?
    Okay then.

    tiki god

    where are you hearing they’re going to be violent?


    If they seed the thought that leftist protests are violent, and then throw in an agent provocateur or two to “make it true,” they can smear the entire resistance movement.