1997 vs 2017

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    6 characters ?!
    (insert “Pathetic” image)


    Not really a joke in 1997.

    The company I worked for had a similar policy.
    8 character password, case sensitive, requiring alpha and numeric components, changing every 60 days, and not resembling any previous password.

    Which led to everyone having their passwords taped to their monitors.

    I’m sure it made the system super secure.


    Definitely NOT a joke. The company I worked for had a very similar policy which was rigorously enforced by external auditors. Eight character password, case sensitive, with alpha and numeric characters, changing every 30 days! And we couldn’t recycle a previously used password.

    And, yes, everyone wrote their passwords down in clear view near their monitors.

    stupid idiots, you need too hide your passwords in a word document, then bury it like your porn folder


    Tried that.
    Couldn’t log on when I needed to look it up…..