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Skinner could be right this time. Apparently nothing beats the stupidity of western intelligence agencies. Since they can’t catch the real culprits, they go and blame the russian government for the Hillary mail hacking incident. I’m not saying the russians are innocent, I’m just saying the intelligence agencies don’t seem to have any proof whatsoever.

tiki god

that sounds like a load of bullshit, especially considering the dump truck of intelligence they dropped on us yesterday.


he isnt wrong
memeber iraq?


The intelligence community was largely right about Iraq.
They were well aware that the vast majority of WMDs were long gone…either disoposed of or inoperable.

It was the Bush admin that cherry picked the data.
There is a reason many western nations didn’t follow the US into Bush’s war…they’d seen the entire data set.


found the liberal shill


Because helium trucks are scary….?


German press is trying to get German hacking experts to comment on it. The only thing that is actually known is, that they used some Cyrillic letters in their hacking and that they operated mostly on Russian business hours. The hacking groups accountable seem to be Russian but there is no evidence at all that the Russian government is involved. The US administration is simply blaming Putin for this.

They adressed all of this at the Chaos Communication Congress that is happening right now in Germany.


They purposely never mention the Russian Government because there is no evident connection.


They could have revealed real evidence. But they didn’t.