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    Funny how republicans love freedom of speech when they’re on the attack, but hate it when they’re called out for working so hard to repress it for others Lol


    Spin this so that she’s attacking free speech? (alchemic extrapolation – The king louie crowd gibbers/capers in approval)
    She didn’t seem to say that the Donald was sadly cowering. Has it occurred that she was just introducing the possibility of retribution? i.e. was this a threat?
    Hats off to the valiant defenders of the Constitution (in part and when it suits them)


    Absolutely correcty Skandy.
    Threats of retribution are free speech.

    Ass-holish and childish….but free speech none-the-less.

    Old Tofu

    when his whole appeal has been the “he says what he thinks” crowd , you can’t start crying when other people say what they think.