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    Apparently his promised actions are what got him elected. A blow certainly to those who believe that mouthing scripted vacuity is the game.


    Which promises do you mean Skandy?
    I’m genuinely curious.


    Promised actions? Puh-leez! Even his most ardent supporters know he shoots his mouth off and doesn’t mean anything he promises. They still like him, they still think he’s better than Hillary (because, like, reasons, man), but you have to look really long and hard to find a mouth breather dumb enough to think his “promised actions” are actually what got him the presidency rather than his attitude and presentation. (oh, and thank you for saving me the search)


    I thought he promised to put “Crooked Hillary” in prison.

    Assuming she has multiple personalities (good assumption as far as I can see) she will probably be able to dodge a hard conviction and get remanded to a care facility.

    No worries. In 2020, President Camacho will get elected and the prophecy will be fulfilled. Electrolytes!

    Old Tofu

    promises?? the title says illiterate and the quote pretty much shows a 6 year old vocabulary and all you dipshits ignore the actual post and distract yourself away from the fact that this illiterate sack of scum is a laughing stack of shit in the rest of the worlds eyes. and now he represents all of us.


    Minor correction. This dipshit left the boat.

    Now i can laugh that Trump represents you, and that he is not my problem.