Trump and his sycophants

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    Holy shit! Jeff Bezos and Larry Page are sycophants!

    Tiki… I don’t think that word means what you think it means. And besides, you should be nice to the legally elected leader of your country. Technically speaking, you are now one of his bitches.


    lol. Were you Obama’s bitch then? Technically speaking, of course.
    …Or literally, I suppose, if you came near Comet Ping Pong Pizza.


    Good point.

    You all used to be Obama’s bitches. Now your going to be Trump’s bitches.

    No real change. Your all still bitches. Technically speaking, naturally.

    tiki god

    I’m familiar with the definition, and considering the amount of groveling and sucking up to that occurred before, during and after that meeting, I’m confident in my usage of the word.


    OK. I disagree.

    However, if I thought I could swing some cash from Trump… I would gladly sycophant with them. Everything has a price. Mine is unusually low.


    A benchmark has to remain whether or not “tingles” actually shoot up one’s leg when they hear a particular individual speak.