Grow Up

Grow Up builds upon the gameplay of its predecessor, Grow Home, once again putting players in control of a robot named B.U.D, who is able to climb on landscapes. While the game still features B.U.D’s ability to direct the stalks of Starplants into energy sources to help them grow, the main goal of the game now is to recover parts of B.U.D’s ship, M.O.M, which are spread across the planet after she crashed into the moon. New to the game is the ability to scan various plants, known as Floraforms, which each have unique properties such as allowing B.U.D to jump high or launch into the air. Once a Floraform has been scanned, B.U.D can plant a seed of it at any time to grow anywhere else. By finding ability capsules, B.U.D can obtain new abilities, such as a jetpack, gliding, and rolling into a ball, which can each be upgraded by collecting crystals hidden across the world. By completing challenges, which require B.U.D to go through multiple checkpoints within a time limit, the player can unlock optional B.U.D Suits, which each give B.U.D unique properties, such as a bee suit that attracts bugs or an aviator suit that increases gliding speed.[4]

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