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    Only in Bizzarroverse of libtardia is the Donald hanging out with the democrats of the clan. The clan founded to oppose Republicans and to quote LBJ them “n&&&s”


    Only in Bizzarroverse of libtardia is the Donald hanging out with the democrats of the clan. The clan founded to oppose Republicans and to quote LBJ them “n&&&s”


    150 years ago Skandy.
    Do try to keep up with current events.


    Republican Eisenhower integrated the US military, promoted civil rights for minorities and pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1957. He was fiercely opposed by LBJ, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader. 150 years ago? LBJ: “I’ll have those n&^%$rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”
    Then there’s the Exalted Cyclops himself, leader of his own local (some K word goes here) Robert Byrd, President pro tempore of the US Senate and a major Democrat “mover and shaker” until ~ 2009.
    That must be … what? … 150 years ago?


    You didn’t mention those in your first post…you mentioned the founding of the Klan.

    But OK…so now you’re up to 60 years ago….and a dead guy (who at least had the guts to publicly apologize and denounce the KKK…)

    “Byrd initially compiled a mixed record on the subjects of race relations and desegregation.[56] While he had been a Ku Klux Klan member and initially voted against civil rights legislation, in 1959 he hired one of the Capitol’s first black congressional aides, and he also took steps to integrate the United States Capitol Police for the first time since Reconstruction.[57] Beginning in the 1970s, Byrd explicitly renounced his earlier views favoring racial segregation.[58][59] Byrd said that he regretted filibustering and voting against the Civil Rights Act of 1964[60] and would change it if he had the opportunity. He said joining the KKK was “the greatest mistake I ever made.”

    Are you really this pathetically unaware just how devoid your postings are of relevant facts?

    Don’t bother answering that Skandy…you’ve pretty much established that you are, and I’m sure any answer you are capable of providing wil just pile on the evidence.

    Or answer…you certainly are entertaining…


    And for the record…ANY politician that refuses to denounce the Klan is a skumbag.
    Regardless of party.
    And LBJ was a racist prick.

    So why won’t Trump denounce the Klan?
    And why doesn’t this disgust you?


    Let’s break it down … The graphic suggests Donald is one with the klan. The klan is democrat so this would seem unlikely.
    You said the klan hasn’t been democrat for 150 years. So …they magically switched at some point apparently within a year or so of their formation??!! One is to believe that the democrats stormed off in a huff, and a bunch of maybe Republicans found their discarded sheets and paraphernalia and of course just took right over. You said 150 years ago. I provided a couple of items from recent history i.e. not 150 years ago, to highlight the continuing democrat affiliation of the klan. That would have been a good time for you to provide some fact regarding the magic switch of the klan to … Republicans? Tea Partiers? Russians!!? Good infinite monkey word spill grope. Give it time. (I say to you by way of encouragement).
    Now you’re trying righteous wrath on for size? Do you think that pose will work for you?

    tiki god

    do you have sources for the Klan being democratic? that seems off.


    There should be a wealth of material about this for the curious, though it doesn’t tend to support what everybody “knows”.
    Founding of the Republican Party to oppose slavery. The pre-war South predominantly Democrat. Republican appointees (carpetbaggers) tasked with the Reconstruction after the Civil War.
    The klan founded by de-mobbed Confederate soldiers to oppose the Republican Reconstruction.
    The klan through most of its existence is a creature of the South.
    Even tilted wikipedia addresses the “Solid South”.
    If this is about grope sneaking the word “exclusively” in there in an apparent attempt to Harry Potter his way to relevance, I never said or believed exclusively. If anything this hopefully moribund organization is likely to number a great many FBI agents of indeterminate political affiliation.


    “Only in Bizzarroverse of libtardia is the Donald hanging out with the democrats of the clan. The clan founded to oppose Republicans.

    The statement I was replying to.

    If you aren’t trying to imply the Klan is pretty much “exclusively ” democrat with this statement, then your grasp of the English language is pretty poor Skandy.

    Yes…the history of the klan is in opposition to emancipation…Lincoln…duh.

    But over the century and a half since the Klan’s founding, the Democratic party’s platform has evolved into something diametically opposed to the klan’s ideals.

    The most obvious shift occurred in the middle of the last century….when the Democrats pushed through civil rights legislation and the southern Democrats (those associated with the klan) exited en masse.
    That former Democratic stronghold has voted more consistently Republican ever since.

    Does any of this actual history make sense to you Skandy….?


    “the klan is democrat”

    See…right there you’re back to the mid 1800s and any point you make that fallows becomes untenable…

    At this time in history party membership means less than nothing in regards to the klan.

    The klan is all about ideology.

    Ideology that…at this time in history..is in direct opposition to that of the Democratic party.

    Now…do you really want to make another post showing just how good you are at completely missing relevance or context…?


    Nope. You’re the master.


    “I know you are but what am I”

    A classic retort from the guy with nothing.

    So back to the actual topic….any real evidence the klan is exclusively democratic?
    I mean…any evidence pertaining to recent history?


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