Colo. school district votes to allow staff to carry firearms

A small rural Colorado school district elected to allow teachers and staff members to carry guns on campus on Wednesday evening. The decision came on the fourth anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adult staff members, inspiring a wave of proposals to allow weapons in schools.

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    Old Tofu

    are they at least making sure these people are LICENSED to carry concealed? there are far to many instances of schools thinking they are above the law

    tiki god

    From the article, yeah, that’s part of the process.


    Why only Wednesday evenings….?
    Wouldn’t the bad guys figure that out and show up at…any other time…?


    I think that’s to say the vote happened on wednesday, not just take-your-gun-to-school day is wednesday.

    I understand most workplace shootings happen on mondays and fridays. (Monday = I hate my job, and Friday = I hate my life).

    Guns aren’t exactly common in my city (north of the 44th), so instead of mass murders we get people jumping in front of the subway car, AKA “a personal injury at track level”.




    Derp. Should’ve checked the poster first. Mybad.


    In Colo YOLO.

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