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    What a bunch of sore losers. He won the election snowflake

    tiki god

    you should use a comma or two. maybe three depending on what you’re trying to say.

    Right now though, there was no “election snowflake”, but I get what you’re trying to say I think, you’re calling the OP a snowflake right? Well you’re right! he won! but no one has to be happy about it, and most people that voted didn’t vote for him.


    Embrace your inner Trumpness, brother.

    Kanye did. I would be surprised Kanye didn’t get his hair styled like Trump at this point. Maybe even get a seat at the big-boy table.

    Embrace your Trumpness. You know it’s there.

    tiki god

    you mean a millionaire went to suck up to a billionaire?


    What the media doesn’t tell you is that of the 15 states that do not require any ID to vote, Hillary won 12 of them with the other three being very close. The media also doesn’t bring up the fact that in CA illegals are given drivers licenses AND are automatically registered to vote. With millions of illegals in CA allowed to vote and the millions who would not be stopped from voting in other states because they were given ID’s and are not checked, who really thinks that Hillary won the popular vote of AMERICAN citizens??


    got any sources on that?
    maybe we could go hunting for some illegals

    tiki god

    Literally all of that is untrue.

    here’s 20 seconds of googling that showed all the requirements that California has for it’s driver’s licenses: www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/dl/dlapp_lnks

    They also comply with the REAL ID act: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/REAL_ID_Act

    And here’s more information on the Automated Registration system that you seem to be pissing yourself over: www.latimes.com/politics/la-me-pol-ca-motor-voter-law-20151016-html-htmlstory.html for those playing along at home, the key part is where they verify the citizenship of everyone registered.


    You need to read you’re sources, very few states are in compliance. I stand by my previous post which is extremely accurate and not misleading like yours.

    tiki god

    you inability to properly reply and your lack of sources speak volumes about how correct you are.


    You’re inability to properly read your own source proves how incompetent you are. I present to you your own source as proof that I am correct.

    tiki god

    you really don’t know how to click the reply button do you? it’s a big black button right about the big white reply field.

    Additionally, if you’re going to put so little effort into your replies, why do you even bother? you say “just look at the sources” when there’s nothing to look at there. Have something specific? then point it out.


    I would hit the reply button but it’s like so many other things here it doesn’t work. Why do I need to put more effort in my reply when you can’t understand your own replies?


    Click “REPLY” on the comment, on page after clicking “Leave a Comment”; it ain’t brain surgery.

    tiki god

    you make a good point and have shamed me into fixing it, the reply button works as expected from the front page now.

    That being said, you’re still talking like a fountain of bullshit without any fundamental points that even remotely come close to having an end game other than “confuse the fuck out of everyone and hopefully no one will notice that I was wrong”.