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    Rather stupid………..not sure I have ever heard of anyone making such an argument for keeping a job and what does a switchboard have to do with coal? This is why liberals should not be taken serious.

    tiki god

    you’re inability to make intuitive leaps is astounding. There’s a popular quote incorrectly attributed to Henry Ford that went along the lines of ‘if i had asked what people wanted, they would have asked for faster horses’ (hbr.org/2011/08/henry-ford-never-said-the-fast)

    Can you figure out why I’m giving you that quote?


    Actually pretty pertinent to the discussion at hand. A large group of people voted for Trump because they feel like he’s going to bring back manufacturing jobs that have been “lost overseas” when in actuality a lot of those jobs were lost to automation. Why have a human weld a car frame when you can have a robot do it faster, better, with fewer to no mistakes and significantly less down time? No capitalist would.

    As solar and wind technologies advance, increase in efficiency, and become cheaper every power company will want to switch to those in order to lower cost and increase profits. Capitalism.

    This job protectionism idea about blue collar jobs from the right is weird. I thought the right was all about free market capitalism, not protectionism. When did that shift so hard?

    Some jobs just go away and don’t come back. I give truck driving and taxi services 25 years tops thanks to self driving vehicles. You may still need someone in a freight truck to do nothing more than be a deterrent to piracy, but they won’t be making nearly the amount of money they are now. Might even be able to phase that out eventually by allowing the truck to call the police if it recognizes it’s being tampered with.

    Lacking foresight and lumping all liberals into a single unit is why you shouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard the argument before. Have you ever been to coal country or have friends/family from there? I hear this kind of shit all the time from friends and relatives that work in the coal industry. Legit “My great-grandfather worked in the mines, and my grandfather was a foreman and my dad was…” and on and on. It’s a little grating. I don’t hear that shit from people whose great-grandfather was responsible for shoeing a horse.


    Some of what you say is true. Outside of a Dyson Sphere solar power is not ever going to be cheaper than coal, or even oil. It requires rare earth elements, expensive metals, and toxic heavy metals to produce, which does not even consider disposal costs. All the same applies to wind energy, plus they like to catch fire and spew those toxic chemicals for miles, and are a major hazard to aircraft, or anything within a couple of miles when the ice flies off them. You can burn, or you can break atoms, those are your only legitimate options. Moving on.

    Most manufacturing jobs were not lost to automation. They were lost to cheap overseas/Mexican labor. I watched what NAFTA did as a child, my dad was a trucker til the day he died. My mother, like everyone else in this part of Appalachia worked in a sewing factory. Every village had one, with a daycare next door owned by the company. Mine happened to be a Civil War orphanage at one time. Those jobs were not taken by machines, they were taken by Mexicans.

    Growing up, we were poor, most people were, except perhaps the Amish, but they’ve done a better job than most keeping the government off their back. There was honest work though, for anyone that wanted it.

    It is true that automation decreases, & is going to continue to decrease the amount of workers needed to make many products or provide many (most?) services, but do not confuse the technology of today with what existed 10 years ago, when people still used pay phones.

    The fact is that we would be in a far better position today if NAFTA had never happened, and our corporate tax rate was not so stupidly high. We would be in a better position if those products were made in the USA, even if highly automated, because someone still has to load the machines, keep those machines running, maintain the building, and so on. IT maybe a dozen jobs instead of 200, but they are still jobs, and it is still a company making investments in the local community.

    tiki god

    I really want what you’re smoking, there’s no possible way that’s true. Some of these new plants are 100% automated and people just check in on them from time to time.


    “Outside of a Dyson Sphere solar power is not ever going to be cheaper than coal, or even oil”
    Installing solar panels on your home or business is an investment that pays itself off really quickly.. solar is already cheaper than coal!


    This is annoying and counterproductive. Telling people to STFU and stop whining because they lost their jobs is not an argument, it’s assholery. How about suggesting that people in the coal industry might want to consider supporting a stronger social safety net, a unversal basic income, the right to education and retraining, etc. Good leftie arguments, and a good occassion to bring them up? But meme pics telling people they’re idiots? Fuck off with that shit.


    put all that in a gif.

    also, nobody called anyone an idiot.




    what about context? it’s a picture on the internet. you’re looking for a nuanced argument? if you’re talking about the comments, then scroll up. actually a fairly civil dicussion. especially for MCS.


    What are wind turbines made of? Agenda 21 large building frames? Rails? Rolling stock? Asking for a friend.
    [Global steel production is dependent on coal. 70% of the steel produced today uses coal. Metallurgical coal – or coking coal – is a vital ingredient in the steel making process.]


    Ah Skandy….

    Some industrial processes will always use fossil fuels (or their byproducts).
    Some chemistry just doesn’t work without organic compounds.
    No-one is arguing against that…just to continue to look for alternatives.

    The key to continuing a healthy environment for our economies (and us) to survive is to decrease our carbon output.
    That means converting whatever processes we can to less carbon releasing processes.
    Including power generation.

    No-one is suggesting we stop refining steel…..except you….


    and where exactly did I suggest that?

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