If Melania Stays In Trump Tower

If Melania Stays In Trump Tower.jpg

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    Wonder how much Vacations for Trump and family will compare to what Obama cost America…



    You can’t see the difference between the first family taking vacations and the national government paying rent to a company owned by the president? One is something all presidents have done. The other is pretty obviously fleecing the country.



    The man is not here for self indulgent the president before him. No salary, no big vacations.


    Man, is that sentence in English? Are you a Russian troll? Shit. But to address the point of the article, yes, because this is a man that hasn’t gone back on his word multiple times. He’s already rolled back a number of his campaign promises, change his tune about the current president after actually meeting with the guy, and flip flops on the most inane shit more than Kerry was ever accused of doing. And of course he’s not going to take the salary, why would he take $400K a year when he’s going to be raking in millions with… Read more »

    Old Tofu

    try reading your words sometime


    Who says that the government will pay additional rent?

    Old Tofu

    the 4th amendment


    Genuine curiosity might result in a look at Joe B’s time at “home” preferences. A lot of the same funding ingredients in that cake. The secret service leasing additional accommodations – even from Joe! But hey let’s not disturb the narrative.


    Since you were too lazy to do your own legwork.

    Joe Biden cost the taxpayers roughly a million a year in his travel expenses to and from his private residence.

    The Trump family staying in NYC is already wracking up a million a day.

    Also, Joe actually holds office, Melania does not. I think the distinction is important.


    What is the official residence of the President elect then? (I was too lazy to look it up). Let me know, and I’ll pass it on to the Trumps if you like so they can move out of their NY residence. As per the graphic, the secret service doesn’t stay in the WH. They commute. Why would NYC be any different? Joe is though renting accommodations to the secret service. He blazed the trail. He’s not just an A-1 shotgun coach and a guy that likes to paw women – he’s canny! NYC elects to put on a dog and… Read more »


    Are you paying attention or just being willfully obtuse here? The problem arises if Melania chooses to stay in NYC after her husband is sworn in. Since we only have the figures for what it currently costs, we have to extrapolate. I guess the main point is, is it more expensive to protect the first family in NYC than it is in DC? If yes, move you everyone to DC and stay in the white house like nearly every first family before you. Turning your nose up at the white house is pretty un-American. The million a year for Joe.… Read more »