Stacking Chairs during terror attack

Stacking Chairs during terror attack.jpg

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    On a door that swings out…………kids are brilliant.

    tiki god

    I didn’t notice that but it’s better than doing nothing at all.

    Mind you, if they permitted all the adult students to act like adults and arm themselves, this wouldn’t be a problem.


    Gee, if only there were some other means of protecting themselves other than empty chairs and cell phones… ?

    A = always
    B = be
    C = carrying (lawfully)

    tiki god

    I believe their texts during the terror attack mentioned:

    Run = if able to, remove yourself from the situation
    Hide = if you don’t know where the horror is coming from, set up camp somewhere and don’t put yourself in more danger.
    Fight = if you know where the horror is and it’s coming your way, try to fuck their shit up as best possible. Kill them before they kill you.