Racist White Woman Trump Rant in Chicago Store 11/23/16

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    I carry mace. Always. I know how illegal what I’m about to say is, but I don’t care. I would casually walk by her, and SPRAY HER FUCKING FACE, and then because I don’t want to be arrested, I would then run like the coward that I am, while the entire store would cheer and clap. I have zero tolerance for crazy cunts. The End. Long live Jambi.


    this leads to a cycle of mace spraying, but you didn’t start it


    “Call an ambulance…she really needs to get help before she hurts someone…”

    Unfortunately the new normal since Nov 8, 2016.


    I have very mixed feelings about this woman. Pity is one emotion I have. There was a discussion on FB going on in which someone surmised she may have issues with alcohol. She also may have a personality disorder or some kind of psychiatric problem. Or maybe I’m being too kind.


    There does seem to be some kind of mental health issue here.
    Maybe not enough to get treatment though.

    Unfortunately the symptom “acting like an ass-hole” isn’t really enough evidence to comply treatment.