Elisa Laureene as Gwenom

Elisa Laureene as Gwenom.jpg

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    Marvel rules at the box office. No argument there, but this common practice of just assigning the same old powers to multiple new characters, is becoming tedious. You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone with spider powers. Other examples of new characters with recycled powers:

    Amadeus Cho-Hulk
    Kamala Khan- Ms. Marvel
    Carol Danvers-Captain Marvel
    Alejandra Jones-Ghost Rider
    Jane Foster-Thor
    Riri Williams-Iron Man
    Sam Wilson-Captain America
    Sam Alexander-Nova
    Eden Fesi-Gateway

    I could go on, trust me. What happen to “The House of Ideas”? It’s more like “The House of Naps”.

    tiki god

    the spider powers thing has only gotten more widespread since Spider-Universe, there’s literally hundreds of them now.

    I’m ok with that though, I think it’s a great idea!