Planet Of The Apes/Green Lantern Crossover


When Taylor goes missing, Cornelius investigates and discovers an ancient ring, unlike anything he has ever seen. As its power echoes through the stars, the Guardians of the Universe must reveal to their Lanterns a secret they had hoped would remain buried. With the Green Lantern Corps, led by Hal Jordan, racing to get to the source of this power before Sinestro can get his hands on it, they will discover a truth that will change them forever on…the Planet of the Apes!

This sounds as stupid as the Green Lantern / Star Trek crossover, hopefully they do as well as that did, because the Star Trek crossover ended up being pretty good with a story that made sense.


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    Green Lantern sucks, and I’ll tell you why. The ring, is neither magic, nor technology. It is only defined by whoever is writing the character(s) at the time. It is supposedly the most powerful weapon in the universe…THE MOST powerful weapon in THE UNIVERSE. So why are there so many? Why is there even more than ONE? It’s stupid. It’s only weakness is supposedly the fear within the wielder. So why not just command the ring to shut off the part of the brain that is associated with fear? Then you’re a fucking god. Dumb… Can the ring create an… Read more »


    And if you have to piss after drinking that green beer would it be green?