Armed civilian murders crazy person that was attacking a cop

A passerby reportedly commanded the suspect to stop. When he didn’t, the passerby fired his gun. The suspect died.

Leon County resident Charlie Strickland said, “As a former law enforcement officer, I know what it’s like to be in a fight.”

“resident” is a guy I know that just ran for sherrif, he’s a good dude.  The bad dude got killed though his own stupidity.

More information here:

Spoilers: this is florida, so someone bought the vigilante another gun to replace the one he had to give up because it was evidence.

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    This wasn’t a murder. He killed a criminal perpetrating an illegal act.

    tiki god

    you fell for my clever clickbait trap! now you have to suffer the cone of shame!


    If that “illegal act” isn’t “attempted murder,” then killing the perp is indeed “murder.”

    Old Tofu

    WRONG. one may use deadly force to prevent harm to self or others.