West Palm Beach Protest

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I attended a peaceful protest last night in front of Trump Tower in downtown WPB.

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    You mean a “sore loser gathering”?

    Wow. Why would anyone want to hang out with so many losers is beyond my comprehension.

    Did you guys hug and shit? Maybe cry and pat each others backs?


    Looks like a “feminist” rally – fatties and uglies.


    I honestly don’t remember massive outbreaks of republicans and conservatives demonstrating and tearing shit up after 2008 and 2012?

    The fact that they are claiming that the popular vote favored Hilly simply points to the fact that two of the three most heavily populated states roll blue (cali and ny). Do these people even understand what the system is?

    Regardless…we simply need to roll back to when BHO said to the republicans in 2008 that we won, you lost, deal with it.

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