Trump Supporters Have Just Screwed Themselves Over

trump-supporters-just-screwed-themselvesNo, really. With the government this red, assistance programs will be gutted. The Affordable Care Act will be abolished with NOTHING to replace it, leading us back into the Wealthcare system that guaranteed that a single hospital bill would lead to bankruptcy for so many Americans. Along with tax cuts for the rich, the one group that doesn’t need them.

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    Without government interference, healthcare costs would drop by around a quarter. Without insurance covering every day nonsense, costs would drop my another half, at least.

    tiki god

    What exactly constitutes “governmental interference” to you?

    Mark Antony

    Canada’s whole system is run by the government, and it spends less than half what the US pays per capita.

    There’s a reason why every other industrialized nation on Earth provides health care: it’s a sensible idea and it works. The population as a whole is healthier (and thus more productive), people don’t go broke when they get sick, and the total cost/impact on the system is less because insurance providers and big pharma deal with the government instead of individuals.


    When did the health of american citizens become a business of profit and why do keep it that way?

    Old Tofu

    always has been

    Old Tofu

    did you miss the whole epi pen price boost for no reason other than profit? THAT is what happens without “governmental interference”. anyone who thinks BUSINESSES have your best interest in mind is a stone cold moron.


    Certainly a possibility. Unintended consequences are a bitch. On the healthcare side: The Canadian model works well but we could afford to spend more & streamline more to improve access. This challenge has been around for a very long time & only seems to get worse, not better. Access in the US is dramatically better than in Canada in many cases simply because if you have the money you can get seen quickly if you need to. There are some in Canada that would like the private option alongside the public option, but it’s not widely adopted or welcomed by… Read more »


    There are also some in Canada who welcome a Trump presidency. In other words: we too have our share of idiots. However, anyone with a modicum of sense or a shred of human empathy realises that championing a for profit model where the care is great “if you can afford it” (and will either kill you or ruin your entire family’s lives and futures if it doesn’t) is a fucking awful way to treat your fellow citizens.

    Old Tofu

    “some in Canada who welcome a Trump presidency” . . . of course , Canadian property values are fixing to go through the roof

    tiki god

    >>Starting at 9 p.m. EST, as state results from the U.S. Presidental race began to roll in, saw a surge in Canadian home searches growing by the hour. By 11 p.m. EST, British Columbia was the highest searched state or province searched on, more than California, Texas or Florida. By 12 a.m. EST, Canadian home search traffic was 16 times higher than a normal traffic day.


    The German model was described to me by a Canadian Doctor as (approx): Each medical case is offered as a care contract and both government and private entities bid on it. The competition damps down costs and some government bloating.
    Reference the largely unaddressed picture at the top … aren’t “trump rednecks” most likely to eschew public benefits? And have or seek employment?