2016 Election: After Action Report

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.


  • Hillary Clinton is done with politics.
  • Donald Trump no longer gets to be a Billionaire (though there’s still confusion on what kind of blind trust he’ll be using)
  • My state (Florida) legalized access to marijuana for the first time ever.  Maybe my PDST from the 2016 Election will qualify?  If not that, maybe my bad back?
  • ????



  • Economy took a brief nose dive last night
  • People will be emboldened to say (and do) some pretty nasty things now.
  • The left will feel defeated, and man do they sulk like no else can.
  • Jon Stewart is still off the air and I can’t help but feel like he abandoned the country right when we needed him the most.
  • ????

I need your help filling in the question marks up there, please name one positive and one negative, and let’s try to keep it honest and not sarcastic.

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    last president of america
    first god emperor of the universe

    Dyon 86

    See, Nobody-knows his stuff!


    pro: No more campaign ads for a bit

    con: Waiting for all of the progress we’ve made with civil liberties to be undone


    Pro: proof that the political machine can be broken

    Con: the tool we threw in to break it