British Army combat medic in Afghanistan

British Army combat medic in Afghanistan.jpg

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    That flag looks Afghan to me…

    tiki god

    yeah, but does SHE look Afghan?


    That famous Yazidi girl, doesn’t look like your average “sand n*gger” either.


    Bethany Gilford


    Her arm flag look Armenian…
    WTF ?!

    GrandAdmiralThrawn Her accent is defiantly British. She is with the Three Medical Regiment. And she has their “Recognition Flash” of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Maroon over Blue over Yellow, which is over/beside what Americans would call a combat patch or unit crest. Professionally and just what I can see of her kit. Far to many oral airways. If you have someone that has no gag reflex, their pretty boned, and a nasal airway works just as well. If they get better and get a gag reflex back, it is an outstanding way to ensure they die in their… Read more »