Julian Assange 2012 vs 2016

Julian Assange 2012 vs 2016.jpg

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    In 2012 much of the right wing media branded him a traitor and was calling for his arrest (or worse).
    And now he’s their hero…’cuz Hillary.

    I can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to put up this meme as an insult, and not see the corollary.


    Hold on, when was Assange the hero of the left?

    He’s been the hero of the guys who think the government has too many secrets since the get-go, and that doesn’t break down left or right.

    Man, does everyone just want to claim this guy for the opposition’s team? He’s like the Nafta of people.


    He went from “let him speak” to “shut him up”. No?


    He ain’t leaked SHIT about Hillary. A couple of emails, not from her server, not from her. Whoop dee fuck.