equality to a conservative vs liberal

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    This is the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to be. Liberals want everyone to have an equal share, like socialism, where conservatives would like to see everyone deserve what they need.

    The actual caution is equality vs equity… idiots…


    *Caption, not caution. Either way…

    tiki god

    that’s actually part of the argument I believe. Jumping straight to socialize though, that’s just dumb.

    Old Tofu

    “everyone deserve what they need” . . .what?the genuine fuck?? we all deserve food/we all need food , we all deserve housing/we all need housing , exactly what kind of bullshit conservative radio jargon have you been listening to? the rich want to stay that way by continually using the system to manipulate things in their favor and the poor would like at least a shot in being able to improve their situation. skip your bullshit labels and open your eyes.


    the problem is…..the money the poor get for their “shot” to “improve their situation” inevitable is paid for by the middle class and NOT the rich.


    That’s not the problem.
    That’s the symptom of a society constructed to benefit the rich.


    Short people don’t deserve to watch watch baseball…


    Actually, equality to a conservative is the tall person having all three crates, and pretending that everyone has what they “earned.”

    Also, in before “they should pay to see the game” because this isn’t merely a metaphor, it’s somehow magically a direct analog of the situation it describes.


    Proper leftists smash the fence.


    It’s almost as if you can take anything from the internet and add “my political party versus your political party”.

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