I will not tolerate any sexual comments

I will not tolerate any sexual comments.jpg

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    I have never seen Laura croft grab her ass like that she is not staying true to the character


    That’s because it’s ART.


    looks like sasha grey


    are the breast implants part of her “art”?

    isn’t that the kind of art they peddle over on xvideos or brazzers?


    Nice tits and ass slutbucket.
    (this has been my written word performance art)

    Old Tofu

    shame how the picture and comment don’t quite go together huh? well that’s because they don’t. the comment is from her youtube channel where she’s trying to keep the pervs at bay to do actual tutorials for people to do their own cosplay costumes. the pic is obviously from a photoshoot or something. the fact that people don’t get that there is a time and a place for certain behavior just boggles the mind. just because you’re horny on the internet doesn’t mean everyone else on here is horny too.

    Old Tofu

    even more of a shame everyone of these dumb asses that commented above fell for such a common trick. bringing out the hate and misogyny so quick , what a sad bunch of rejects you are.

    tiki god

    what in the world do you think the internet is for?


    This guy gets it.


    How about gender ones ?


    I can understand shutting down sexual comments with one personality. I can understand the other personality making the very vogue “do me in the ass” pose.

    What I cannot understand is the name “supermaryface”. Were “Mary McMaryface”, “SuperMary McMaryface” already taken?


    She’s creating art. I’m creating something in my pants.


    Wow, a lot of controversy surrounding her. Apparently she posed nude at 18, those pictures were found, and she said that A) it was a 15 year old with her face photoshopped onto it (trying to get the photographer in trouble) and then B) that he’d promised he’d photoshop rainbows and unicorns over the nude stuff.

    She’s…a piece of work.