American Song

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    Name countries without external cultural influences?
    America was once a melting pot. Now it ain’t.


    Yeah, but ~95% of Americans “know” they’re unique as fuck, God\Nature\FSM\whatever, gift for humanity, destined to lead the world.


    That is our proud Anglo-Saxon heritage.

    If you don’t like it, well, I’m sorry you’re not awesome enough to be American.

    Also. The Statue of Liberty is Roman.
    English is the Best.
    We eat everyone’s food. Except the British, because it sucks. German food is popular because it is good, and much of the country is German.
    Guitar. Really this meme could not be more ignorant. Does the word sound Spanish? No. That is because it’s origins are Greek. Not to mention the oldest known evidence of a guitar of a Hittite playing one in Babylonia.

    no, the statue of liberty is american

    Dyon 86

    No, it’s copper.