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    After almost 30 years, I still find it hard to admit that I had a friend who drove one of these.

    A Javelin or AMX, acceptable. But a Gremlin… never.


    I had never heard of this mod, so I cannot confirm it helped the overall “Gremlin spirit”.

    I can, however, confirm that owning a Gremlin is a highly effective form of birth control.

    I had a friend that managed to squeeze a ridiculously large engine into a Chevette. Don’t remember the details anymore. I just remember my shock when he opened the hood. Good times…


    Great restoration. The Pacer took the cake for the worst of that era for AMC, this thing wasn’t too bad by comparison. Still, it was a modest econobox that drove like a brick and got mileage that would make truckers cry. Oh yeah, it surely reduced sperm count.