ups man we are home

ups man we are home.jpg

what a dick?

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    Three words – Cash on delivery.


    That does not change the fact that the UPS guy made no attempt to let anyone know he was there. I swear, they think whispering “are you home” three times counts as ringing the doorbell. This is why I got the app on my phone, fucker can’t sneak off when the automated system tells me that his GPS just reported in from my neighborhood.


    If it was COD, he would try harder.


    Good way to get your ass fired. Idiot UPS guy left my phone at the neighbors a few years back. Reported it delivered. I contacted the my cell provider, and UPS and said, there is no phone here – it is winter, cold is very bad for batteries. WTF is my phone. Very quickly the warehouse supervisor was contacting me. Driver had went home, he was trying to get a hold of them. I pointed out that was in no way my problem. A extremely expensive electronic device had been reported delivered, when it was not, and if it was… Read more »

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