The new Iron Man

The new Iron Man.jpg

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    freaking sjws

    tiki god

    I doubt they had anything to do with it, more likely the story just needed to progress


    Seriously though, right? I mean, if the super dooper flying metal suit that shoots lasers and shit, with its uber-powerful AI and near infinite power source, making the wearer pretty much indomitable isn’t occupied by a white guy, the whole thing just becomes far fetched!

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s not the simple fact of her presence that’s the problem. It’s the nature of her possible dynamic. Tony Stark was born super-wealthy to a super-intelligent father, he had every advantage and spent a good portion of his life being a cookiecutter self-centred wealthy playboy. It took all of his resources and some fairly traumatic experiences for him to become Iron Man, and he has all of that history lending some depth to his character. This new character has none of that. She came from the streets, went to MIT on a scholarship. There’s not going to be a process… Read more »


    So…not Tony Stark’s dynamic then….


    I have one question:
    how the fuck, does her hair fits in the helmet ?!

    tiki god



    It’s comics. In 12 issues it’ll all go back to normal. This is the literal definition of “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”


    More like IRON MAIDEN, amirite?