Skiptrace review

91DVgFNlmgL. SL1500 776x1024 Skiptrace

Martial arts superstar Jackie Chan and comedy favorite Johnny Knoxville team up to take down a notorious Chinese drug lord in this explosive and hilarious action-comedy.

There’s a good movie in there somewhere, the story is familiar and it’s great to see Jackie Chan again. Unfortunately it appears that the director (Renny Harlin, director of Die Hard 2) missed a great opportunity to bring a true Jackie Chan experience, with way too many choppy cuts and painful CGI. For every choppy scene or misplaced CGI scene though, there were gorgeous scenes of the Gobi Desert or stepped rice patties, so while I’m grateful for those scenes, I’m still sad when I see 200 camera cuts in a single action scene with Jackie fighting a DD Russian woman.

It’s a good Jackie Chan movie, I love the guy, but this isn’t a great film.

Side note, if you look it up on IMDB, it’s under the title of “Jue di tao wang”. No idea why.

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    Tiki, you’re losing your edge. Three hyperlinks and yet nothing for “Jackie fighting a DD Russian woman”?