Star Trek – 50 Years

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so I’ve been listening to the official CBS Star Trek Pod Cast, and I strongly dislike the guy they have doing it right now, he is a very poor interviewer, the best shows are the ones where the guest nearly take over the entire thing.  The worst offense though is that they completely ignore Enterprise in the opening theme of the pod cast.  Sure it wasn’t well liked at the time, but how do you ignore an entire series and act like it never happened?



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    Enterprise left out? No surprise. It’s like the studio’s embarrassed for the seal clubbing they did at the end of it’s run. One of the best prequels of any series, a good mix of story elements & characters, enough action, it was awesome while it lasted. The final episode was a brutal train wreck.


    “how do you ignore an entire series and act like it never happened?”

    The same way a sane person ignores the Star Wars prequels when talking about that universe: it’s shit and an insult to everything worthwhile about the rest of the franchise. Best pretend it never happened.

    ..but thanks for letting me know. Makes me actually want to listen to the podcast now.

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