express lane douche bag

express lane douche bag.jpg

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    and the cashier never tells the person they are over the limit too

    Old Tofu

    that’s because the cashier knows it’ll take 10x as long for them to argue and move all their shit , easier just to move it all along

    tiki god

    and then the customer will complain and try to get your fired.


    I’ve had the express lane lady call me over when her line was clear and I was one lane over.. Of course, seconds after I move over and thank her 4 people with 10 items or less show up and think I’m a douche.

    tiki god

    I mean, yeah, we’re all douches, but not for that, right?


    I try to not be douchey but when I’m out with the boys I sometimes have douchiness-by-association. But heck if they aren’t a fun bunch.