Independence Day: War in Desert review

418BV4RJKQL Independence Day: War in Desert

It is the Fourth of July. Reeling from the enemy onslaught, a few surviving military pilots gather in the Saudi Arabian desert. Two of the best fliers, flight instructors Reg and Faisal, self-appointed leaders of the Saudi Forces, can barely contain their animosity when a message from the Americans forces them to unite.A weak point has been found in the alien “City Destroyers.” The air war against them was costly–but it worked!…Or did it? Too late, Reg and Faisal discover their “victory” was an illusion–part of a secret ambush that will open the planet to unimaginable horror, unless these overmatched warriors from several Middle Eastern nations can overcome long-standing hatreds and unite against the aliens in the fiercest hand-to-hand combat of the war.Capturing the spectacular action of the blockbuster Twentieth Century Fox film, this authorized novel adds exciting new material to the ID4 story!

In which a troubled pilot trainer somehow turns the course of the war while on the ground. Some interesting ideas of the aliens that were forgotten about in the next novel / movie, but not really a recommended reading.

Also: The pyramids do not make an appearance in this book at all, but some racial phrases get thrown around willy nilly, which was weird.

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