Stranger Things review

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A love letter to 80’s horror and suspense, but with modern sensibilities. There’s some truly horrifying things going on in this story, but it’s all damned believable. What a great series, it’s only available on Netflix right now, so if you have an account already, awesome, if not, it might even be worth the $15 a month for just this one series (and many others!)

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    Oh boy. Gonna get shit for this…Tried watching it, 4 episodes, and while I understand why people like it intellectually, it just feels “dated”, like you said in the title, if youre a fan of 80’s horror and suspense. I love horror and suspense, but not when it feels like ET, The Goonies, and Ghostbusters. Ive seen those movies, and theyre fine, but I cant connect to this series like people who are its target audience. When those movies came out, I was dropping acid and having sex. Those were not my “coming of age years”. This show has it’s… Read more »


    Aquaman, I’m giving you the worst insult I can give; You are entitled to your opinion, sir.
    Personally quite enjoyed the series overall and would recommend it, though I will agree with Aquaman and say it was a little *too* Spielberg in places. Also I had my problems with the final episode, but I’ll withhold those for fear of spoilers.