Suicide Squad review

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Bad guys asked to do bad things for a good reason. There’s a lot of reviews complaining about confusing plot points or saying that the movie was too visually dark, but I gotta say, while I can see why people would be complaining, I really enjoyed my time with the film, and wish there was more to be had.  The chemistry that Will Smith and Margo Robbie have is great, but throw in the insane chemistry between Jared Leto and Margo Robbie and you get something that’s just down right delightful to watch.  I would love to see a film with just the two of them blowing shit up with Batman forever in the background until the end of the movie.

I strongly suggest seeing this one in theaters, unlike the horrible Batman V Superman theatrical version, Suicide Squad is a great movie.

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    That’s why I don’t understand what is going on with critics. Everyone that I follow who has seen this movie loves it. The reviewers I trust, Jeremy Jahns being one, really like the movie. My wife and I will be hitting the theaters today to catch a showing of the movie and we are looking forward to having a good time, sans the critics views.


    Well it was a good movie. I mean that in that it was fun to watch and we had a good time. As you said it’s not a Orson Welles, or Hitchcock film but it wasn’t meant to be. Not every meal is or should be steak.