Who lies more- a comparison

Who lies more- a comparison.png

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    The lack of effort towards the bottom of the list shows a blatant disregard for the time honored profession of politics. Such displays of apathy should not be rewarded with public office. Cretinous truth speakers should be damned to the private sector where their proclivity for honesty may be better rewarded.

    Old Tofu

    did you think politifact was running for office? lies represent effort to you? the fact that we allow companies and politicians lie to us with impunity is why this country has gone to shit.


    Thanks for playing, please try again.


    Well, that and overly earnest dipshits who wouldn’t know a joke if it kicked them in the shins.


    Obviously reality has a liberal bias…


    Trump – who people say is so ‘real’ and so ‘honest’ has that pitiful 1% truth rating.


    Because Politifact uses facts!


    This chart is obviously false! It seems to claim that Trump lies roughly 90% of the time, which of course you would have to be completely pants on head retarded to believe. Everyone who has half a brain knows that the real number is 100%, because Trump never holds back! It’s 1000% or nothing!!!


    The validity of everything depicted relies on politifact’s alleged unbiased affection for actual fact.
    Can’t spot the flaw there.


    Whose facts are they using….real facts….or facts conservatives believe…?

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