Bodycam Videos Show Fatal Police Shooting Of Dylan Noble

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    Kid was acting erratically, cops were acting scared. There are several things either side could of done differently to change this outcome. The first shots as he reached behind him and could of been going for a gun was somewhat justifiable.

    Continuing to bark orders and shoot him for not complying after being shot several times while lying prone on the ground is absurd. That shotgun blast to the chest was an execution.


    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


    Two possible (and tragic) reasons for his behavior: what if that guy was deaf, or didn’t understand English? He had his hands up and was walking to them. What if that’s what he thought they were telling him to do?


    He had one hand up, the other was reaching behind his back where he could of had a gun tucked into his pants.

    tiki god

    if you turn it up, you can hear that he’s replying to the cops.


    Their weapons were aimed and at the ready. The officers would have had plenty of time to respond once the victims hand was visible. The first shot could potential be an over reaction. The second shot is clearly murder.

    tiki god

    that’s not they way it works unfortunately, if you’re told someone has a gun, you have to be ready to use yours.


    Don’t reach to cover your wounds or you will get shot again…

    Stupid confused kid.
    Incompetent officers who clearly have no idea how to deal with a stupid confused kid.


    But News media told me cops only shoot black kids that don’t listen. You meant to tell me they shoot white kids too?

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