Jessica Williams Fired From The Daily Show?


In the first of what I truly hope is many terminations to come, Jessica Williams is no longer a part of The Daily Show.  You may remember The Daily Show from when it was still relevant a couple years ago with it’s second host, Jon Stewart.  The last couple years have not been kind to the show, and Jessica’s joining of the cast of comedians was one of the first indication of serious problems behind the scenes.  Nearly every bit she was a part of feel flat or condescending, and of the people that were polled for this article, none of them remember anything of note that really stuck out about her as a part of the show.

Paradoxically, Comedy Central is giving her a show to call her own.  I can’t imagine that she’ll be even 1/10 as good as other Daily Show alumni like Jon Oliver or Samantha Bee.

via CNN

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    John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” feels like what Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” used to be. If Oliver took over for Stewart and Colbert never left his station, I would certainly be watching both shows every night. Trevor isn’t bad at all, just doesn’t seem to have the firebrand Stewart and Oliver have.

    Old Tofu

    so you’re dumb enough to think she was fired and then they just happened to give her a show of her own? maybe YOU have never gotten a promotion , but that’s what she got. of course you recognizing when someone does something right wouldn’t be something we would expect you get.

    tiki god

    she wasn’t just fired though, she was slowly pushed off the show, with less and less input. CC giving her a show doesn’t really say much, they’re handing them out like candy over there.

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