The Atheist Test

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    The Coca-cola can is the result of of the big bang.

    Energy becomes matter.
    Matter cools and congeals into galaxies, solar systems, and planets.
    Liquid water appears when the right conditions present.
    In this liquid medium organic compounds form.

    Self replicating amino acids…recombinant Rna and Dna…evolution of social animals…the opposable thumb…hunter gatherers become agrarian…consumer society develops…the Coca-cola can comes into being.

    As Carl Sagan said: “To bake an apple pie from scratch, one must first invent the universe.”

    The same goes to crack open a Coke…


    Holy crap… you don’t need to do anything to make creationists look dumb, they do all the work.


    Thomas de Aquino likes it.

    tiki god

    Wonder what they would say the ulterior motive would be

    Dyon 86

    Haha, dumb people are dumb.