A Brexit breakfast

A Brexit breakfast.jpg

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    Because the UK will never import another item or at least item breakfast food ever again? How dare they reject un-elected bureaucrats micromanaging the minutiae of every human behavior and interaction.


    Yeah, but what do you expect from people, who about EU (and other topics) “know” only what politicians tell them ?

    tiki god

    sorta, they’ll be able to import it at a 20% mark up now


    Remember how isolated was UK before the European Union? Yeah, me neither.

    Dyon 86

    Traveling freely, is not a EU “generous gift”, you fucking twat. So if he’s ignorant\lie at the very start…

    EU has a “thing” for “encouraging” voting until it gets the desired results.
    Secondly, the referendum is just an opinion, which politicians can ignore.
    Thirdly, why do you think Switzerland, or Norway stayed the hell away from this “haven” ?
    So calm your tits, stayfags.

    Dyon 86

    Haha you’re not far wrong, over 3 million Brits are calling for a re-vote as the results were so close and not enough people turned out. yes open travel not a “gift” (missed that comment), I completely agree but the rest is pretty much accurate. We’re still going to have all that stuff on our plates as well but it “might” be more expensive. I’m not too bothered either way, the thing is nobody knows the end effect of leaving and it’s actually going to take years to take full effect. Both sides have lied about facts and figures but… Read more »


    [quote]…majority of “experts” have said it would be better to stay in the EU.[/quote]
    “Experts” who themselves have to gain from being in EU, or got “lobbied” to say that ?
    “Experts” indeed.

    But I agree with “The Coon conclusion”.


    I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a tempest in a teacup, much as the news in the U.S. has been for decades. People will finger point and blow off steam until the next “Thing”, rolls around on the news cycle. Others in the E.U. will threaten to also leave. Negotiations and adjustments will commence, Brussels will seem to tone down their, we know better than you control complex; compromises will be struck, and all will come back together when all the wealth that can be milked out of this episode has dried up. Just as has been planned… Read more »

    Dyon 86

    How dare you suggest that this is no more than a storm in a coffee mug, Cameron has resigned, Boris is in tears, other leaders have gone into hiding, the pound is worth pennies, Scotland are rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall, Ireland is screaming to be united again, Wales is … still looking for their sheep, all the other EU countries want out, Spain want’s Gibraltar back, Argentina want the Falklands back, the Russians are waiting to invade, the zombies are at the door and I saw a pale horse and upon it’s back sat a pale rider, and his name was… Read more »


    I started smirking at Hadrian’s wall, and was fully chuckling by the nameless pale rider. Cheers!

    Dyon 86

    I’m OK now I found my meds.