Chloe Sullivan vs Felicity Smoak

Chloe Sullivan vs Felicity Smoak.pngPlus, Alison Mack is cuter.

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    Flick is 1000000 times hotter #nuffsaid


    This last season of Arrow has been the worst. They made me hate Felicity — something that I thought to be impossible. She treats Oliver like shit, and he still loves her. Oliver’s gonna leave her, and she gonna play the victim card.

    Just so everyone knows – I’m a chick and I can’t believe how shitty Felicity has been acting. Dump her Ollie, and we’ll fuck until the pictures fall off the walls.

    tiki god

    I so agree, and I’m a straight man.

    there’s such a huge difference in quality across the board from season one to season four.

    smallville for the win bitches

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